E-Soul Life

E-Soul Life is a lifestyle of clean, green, renewable energy on the water which you can enjoy through several experiences.

We have always loved the special moment when the motor is turned off and the boat is moving through the water on its own. It’s the smell of fresh salt air, leaving behind the grey exhaust exiting out to the sea sky, and the natural sounds of the boat cutting calmly through the water. Join us and experience a peaceful, tranquil, heart-warming experience that you can have for yourself.

Our boat is all electric; it generates a barely audible humm and only when we have to use it for propulsion. Our power regeneration solutions harness natural wind and sunlight. And we don’t even plug in ashore. We have proven this reliable and sustainable.

We have quiet, we have fresh salt air, and we can see the pure, white-capped mountain tops, unencumbered low-horizon sunsets, and even get closer to nature without manufacturing fossil fuel pollutions.

E-Soul Life Offers

Want a quaint, natural sailing experience?
Day Puff

We can take you on a day sail or even transport you to a boat-only island to hike and explore!

How about a peaceful, beautiful sunset?
Evening Breeze
We can sail or hum quietly to the best unobstructed views from the water.
Want to learn to
Swab to Mate
Take a day or more the water to learn the basics and get certified!
Interested in green
Buried Treasure
We consult, convert/replace, and/or help you build from scratch!

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