Frequently Asked Question

1What is the top speed of the board?
The speed is based on the riders weight, riding conditions, salt or fresh water, and several other factors. On average, Kymera, can reach speeds up to 20mph. This is based on a riders weight of less than 175lbs. With a riders weight of 200lbs, you can expect to reach up to 13mph.
2What is the weight capacity of Kymera?
Kymera has a weight capacity of 200lbs.
3How long does the battery last?
Each battery has two different settings. The first setting is the max speed setting and is what people enjoy when the battery is fully charged. This will run anywhere from 23 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours based on speed. Then, the reserve speed setting kicks in and allows a rider an additional 30 minutes (at 3mph). This reserve speed will allow the rider enough battery life to get you back to shore.
4How long does the battery take to charge?
If the battery is fully discharged, it will take approximately 2 hours.
5Do you have a faster charger?
Unfortunately with lithium battery technology, if you charge the battery to fast, the life expectancy of the battery decreases significantly. If you are needing to be able to use our boards in a rental situation or want longer run time, the batteries are swappable. This will allow you to be charging one battery while you are running another battery.
6Can I travel with my Kymera?
The Kymera Body Board can be checked in with most airlines as an oversized bag/luggage. However the lithium battery cannot be transported by aircraft. Additionally, if you would like to travel with the battery, you will need to drive it to your destination. To ship a lithium battery via aircraft or freight requires a special certificate/license which Kymera has.
7Can Kymera be taken into waves/surf?
Kymera is meant for calmer waters and is not meant for surf or waves. This is best used on lakes, bays, coves, marinas, rivers, and the ocean where little to no waves are present.