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Become an Authorized Kymera Rental Location or Partner Resort with Exclusive Territory today. KymeraDR is offer Exclusive Franchise or Resort Partnership opportunites in key market areas across the Dominican Republic. Exclusive Territores are going fast and this offer will End Soon.


  • All Initial Equipment, Boards, Batteries and Chargers* (number depending on agreement)
  • Local and International Placement, Marketing, and Referrals.
  • Local Servicing and Support with Quarterly Maintenance.
  • Optional - Resort option for additional board upgrades to Rescue Red configuration is available by request at no additional cost. (*Local Training Certification provided and required)

Additional Benefits

  • Wholesale Lease Pricing for additional Jet Board packages to expand fleet.
  • Wholesale Lease Pricing for new product including
  • Wholesale Pricing on Parts and Accessories not covered under warranty.
  • First Choice option for contract extension after initial duration completed.

Interested in New Business Opportunities?

Become an Exclusive Franchise Rental Location

Whether you have an existing Tourist or Excursion operations or are looking to start a new business, Kymera Jet Boards D.R. has the opportunity for you.

  1. Includes All Initial Equipment
  2. Unlimited & Immediate Earning Potential
  3. Low Risk / High Yield
  4. Shared Marketing and Referrals included
  5. Exclusive Territory

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